Steel Grating [Use of Plant]

Construction and Specoalty



   Strong and Lightweight
The bearing bars and cross bars are most effectively aranged together with into a grating, which possesses a high degree of strength. They are securely joined at their intersections with a specially designed projection welder, and thus grating panels become light but strong in construction.
   Super in Ventilation and Natural IIIumination
Thegrating has a good percentage of open area, and thus is suitable for use in place, requiring ventilation and natural illumination. This makes the environment brught and clean.
   Very Economical
A choice of grating types is available according to the use and load conditions. The grating is also zinc-coated by the hot-dip process or painted to fit the atmospheric conditions, resulting in an enhanced durability and greater economy.
   Simple Field Installation Work
Our installation method is extremely suitable for field because the grating is easily cut according to any re-quired specifications, which makes the field work quick and easy.
   Excellent Quality
Made of the ordinary structural rolled steel conforming to korea industrial standards, the grating is in in-tegrated production under stringent quality control at the plant equipped with sophisticated facilities.
Thus, it's excellent quality is constantly guaranteed.
   Beauty in Appearance
Geometric lattice patterns formed by the bearing and cross bars make it beautiful in appearance par-ticularly when installed.
   Safety Resulting from Non-slip Protection
The bearing and cross bars are orthogonally arrayed in the form of a grate, affording non-slip protection in every direction to give complets safety.


   Bearing Bars
The bearing bars are arranged perpendicular, equally spaced and parallel to one another to carry greater load.
   Cross Bars
The cross bars are electroforged perpendicular and equally spaced to the bearing bars. Twisted square bars are used for cross bars to maintain the structural precision and perform a non-slip function.
The center to center distance between the two contiguous bearing bars is called the bearing bar pitch and that between two adjacent cross bars is known as cross bar pitch.
   F-bar grating
This is easy to select material for general type and also manufactured in accordance with the strict quality control with the established standard in a beautiful appearance.
   I-bar grating
In comparison with other material of the same weight, this is very economical as well as beautiful appearance, so used widely.
   Serrated bar grating
This is a grating panel with its bearing bars serrated on the surface to enhance the non-slip function, and ideal for use in a slippery place moistened with oils and fats or a slope.

Grating Width and Number of Bearing Bars

Member Dimensions & Section Capability

I-bar type, FLAT-bar type, SERRATED-bar type

Weight of type

Bearing bar pitch


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